CrossFit Merrimack is proud to bring the first CrossFit experience to Lowell. We are a strength and conditioning facility with a focus on teaching the CrossFit methodology; i.e. constantly varied functional movements preformed at high intensity.

We are located at 1100 Gorham Street, Lowell MA and operate one of the largest CrossFit facilities in the North East with over 5,800 square feet of space solely dedicated to CrossFitting.

Who are we? As a group we are college athletes, retires, triathletes, parents and grandparents, business owners, teachers, firefighters and everything in between. We all work hard, are welcoming, supportive and leave no room for ego’s or negative attitudes.

The best thing about CrossFit is you are not alone. YOU WILL BE COACHED HERE! Our strongest attribute to build the health and wellness of our members is our community. CrossFit has and always will survive on the belief that we all sweat, bleed, scream and push ourselves beyond everything we thought possible and then come back the next day and push for more.

Email or call 978-985-8941 today to get started!