8 Rounds For Time with a partner 20 Toes to Bar 20 Walking Lunges (together) 20 Med Ball Cleans (14, 20)

6-8 Rounds Not For Time 6 Strict ring dips 8 Overhead squats, 3 second decent, 2 second pause at bottom 10 Ring row, brief pause at both extension and contraction

1) Hang Clean 3×2@75%    2×2@80% 2) AMRAP 8 12 Alternating DB GTO 50, 35 10 Burpees

AMRAP 15 12 Knees to Elbow 3 Power Snatches 165, 115 15 Pull Ups 3 Power Snatches

1) Split Jerk 3-2-2-1-1 2) Emom 10 -both in same minute 20 double unders 3 jerks at 65% of max jerk on day

Remember you need to be measured BEFORE you workout so get in early before class to get that done! Week 1 challenges 1)Partner Challenge (2 points) Pick your poison- With a partner–pick two of the following girl workouts to do back to back with a partner. One person works at a time. Grace, Isabel, Diane,…

Challenge starts this coming Monday!  Get in get signed up and get measured.  Prepare yourselves this weekend and be ready to hit the ground running come Monday.  Looking forward to hitting this challenge along with everyone. With a partner AMRAP 8 rest 4, then repeat amrap 8 20 Bar Facing burpees 20 Power Snatch 95,…

EMOM 20 odd minutes Goat 1 even minutes Goat 2 *focus on open movements

Don’t forget we have the 2018 CFM Nutrition Challenge starting right around the corner (MONDAY)! Start getting your names up on the board if you will be participating.  If you are still wondering if you should jump in; YES.  Baseline testing will be at the start of next week along with getting your measurements done. …

100 calorie Row for time (cap 8) Rest 2 minutes then; AMRAP 10 2 Bar Muscle Ups 15 Wall Balls 20, 14

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