Being able to coach Crossfit is absolutely amazing. Getting to help people achieve things that they never thought they could do is one of the most amazing feelings. Whether it’s helping someone get their first pullup, hit a new clean PR or simply be able to squat below parallel, it is always rewarding. Coaching pushes me to want to continually learn more and work hard everyday not only to make myself a better athlete but the members around me as well. Coaching at Crossfit Merrimack has given me a purpose and I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. Make sure you read my write up on the testimonial page too!


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Crossfit Gymnastics
  • CrossFit Scaled

My Story

I started Crossfit in June of 2013 at Crossfit Merrimack. After growing up playing sports through high school and going in and out of different conventional gyms throughout the years after, Crossfit wasn’t like anything I had ever done before. From that first class I ever took, I knew I never wanted to stop. From that day forward it lit a new fire within me and I wanted to learn everything there was about it. I finally felt happy again. After spending the past 10 years going from being very obese to skinny back to being obese again, Crossfit allowed me to feel something else I had never felt before; strong, not only physically, but mentally. The atmosphere within CFM’s walls keeps me driven, positive and healthy. I’m happy to say the weight has stayed off and I know, because of CFM, it will never come back.

~Coach Kristin

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